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Upgrade to cable 3.0


We have been having various issues with Bigpond latley and have had techs out. I have made about 20 calls to them over the last couple of months and quite frankly im over it.


He fixed the pit and suggested I get a dosc3 modem.

I purchased a second hand one (telstra branded) and confirmed with Bigpond support that is ok.


They said they would have to do a software upgraded as I am on dosc1 and this process would take 24-48 hours.


Its been 3-4 days and still no cut over. So I am calling bigpond support again and they dont know what im on about. and I have an order in my account that just sits at "in progress" I am not calling that technical help desk again. You would get better chances of a two year old fiquring out what you are after. I have been complaing about slow internet for well over a month. and all they get me to do is clear my browswer and say they have "refreshed something".

I am not sure where else to go cause if the helpdesk can't fiqure out my enquiry that im still waiting for an upgrade. I dont know what else to do.


Any one else been though this and what was the outcome?


If this cable swap over does not happen soon, and speed increase I wont be going another month with the service.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Upgrade to cable 3.0

Hey 458454,


This is a strange one. To my knowledge, we don't allow the installation of BYO modems. It could be that they have forced this connection by manually pairing it to your account, but without account details I can't confirm this.


Hopefully you've called us and we've been able to advise what is happening on the service. If not, can you reply with any references? I'll see what I can find.



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