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Upgrading from Gen1 Smart Modem to Gen 2 Smart Modem

In a week's time, we will be changing over to the nbn which will, amongst other things, require that our current Gen 1 Smart Modem (DJA0230) be replaced a new Gen 2 Smart Modem (DJA0231). I plan to change the Gen 2's WiFi SSID and password to the same as the Gen 1's SSID and password (as suggested in the setup guide).

The Gen 1 currently has a Telstra Smart WiFi Booster network attached via one of its Ethernet ports.

Question is, can I be plug the Telstra Smart WiFi Booster network (with its own SSID and password) straight into one of the Gen 2's Ethernet ports and expect it to continue to operate seamlessly?

If not, what steps will in need to take to get the booster network up and running (which was a painful process originally requiring online help from Telstra)?


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Re: Upgrading from Gen1 Smart Modem to Gen 2 Smart Modem

Theoretically you should be able to just plug the booster into a LAN port on the new modem and it should work without having to reconfigure.

You don't need to change to the Smart modem Gen 2 to transfer to NBN the Gen 1 Smart modem is NBN compatible.

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