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Upload speed poor, drop out periods 2-3 times a day. Telstra 3 times said we will call you back. nup

I am on HFC, top NBN coverage, when things are good I get 100 Mps download and maybe 8mps upload, normal is upload 3mps upload, evenings when I am supposed to get 20Mps  upload on average... might as well be using a tin can.... cannot upload work jobs affecting my capability to hand over to my colleagues in the US my work. Ping times of an evening up to 1600ms.


Telstra seem to hide behind Covid 19 ... told me 3 times they would call me back, nothing.... anyone else experiencing the same ?


I have rebooted  modems, replaced with new cables connections, I cannot even use 4G backup as this drops out, I live in a low density area 300m from the nearest NBN Node and I am told by support they cannot see a problem ? anyone else with similar problems ? 


best in 7 days measuring at all our of the late night or early morning 12 Mps upload..


Not getting value for my premium service from Telstra.... 


Anyone have had a solution to this problem ?


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