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Usage issue

Hello everyone, first time poster, we have the 500gb broadband plan with a WiFi booster in about the middle of our house, currently the issue is that we haven’t been able to see our data usage on the app for the last 3 months (at least), my parents’ data usage shows on the app, but for the home internet usage it is always 0GB of 500GB, I have messaged Telstra about this on 3 seperate occasions, with the second occasion saying I’d receive a phone call (which I never did), and on the third occasion I was directed here because somehow they don’t know how to fix it, we are getting disappointed in their service and are still experiencing drop outs even with a WiFi booster

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Re: Usage issue

Hi @Shaun888 

The reason why your data usage isn't showing is because Telstra made all plans unlimited due to covid 19.

I'm sure once Telstra decides to start monitoring peoples data usage again, It will show up on your bill/my account.

You could contact, Telstra Tech Support 1800 007 391 in relation to your booster not working or you may need more than one.

I don't work for Telstra, Never have, I am just a Telstra customer like you.
So the advice I give is my own, In my own time, Guided by my own experience/knowledge.
Which I am always happy to be corrected on.

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