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Usage meter not working - for months!

When I google 'Telstra usage meter not working' there are thousands of results so I guess I'm not alone. However those I opened all have "This thread is now archived and closed to new comments" so I'll try here.

     Last month I received a Telstra email apologising for erroneous data usage records which led to my service being slowed. A few days ago I received another Telstra email saying my data allowance was 85% used, which couldn't possibly be correct. When I try to check my data use in MyTelstra, the message is "Something went wrong. We're having trouble showing your data usage for this service. Please try again in a few minutes". It's been like that for months. It shows an ancient date - Friday 5 February 2021.  I need this fixed, I don't want my service slowed down again nor to needlessly use another of my three annual top-ups, so I went to Telstra Help - twice.  All they could give, after 40 minutes, was a standard formulaic PR response "I understand your concern and I'm checked with your details and we apologize for the inconvenience. The software engineers have been trying for a fix but yet to be restored. Hopefully, it should be getting resolved as soon as possible."
Still waiting, still not working. This is nuts. Who can I turn to?


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Re: Usage meter not working - for months!

If it has been like that for months and Telstra Support have not addressed it then you could lodge a complaint with Telstra.

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Re: Usage meter not working - for months!

Have you spoken with our faults team about the excessive data usage at all @Pete129 ?


You can chat with them online via our app. Just jump onto the My Telstra App, and tap the "Get Help" menu icon.

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