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username and password always needed to login to interenet

recently needed new modem since my set up of new modem i am required to enter username and password before i can connect to internet, maybe i have not set up properly, or i just need to tick or un tick something. I have to go to control panel, network and internet, view network status and tasks- where it has THIS COMPUTER- Home-Interet, but there is a cross between Home-Internet, I then press selection, Set up new connection or network, then connect to internet, then broadband (PPPoE) connect using DSL or cable that requires a user name and password, (this is where it must be going wrong as dont want to use password), then i enter user nameand password and i can log on

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: username and password always needed to login to interenet

Hi mickfish, 


If you your new modem is a Telstra supplied one please complete the following steps to add your username and password into the modem and get an internet connection.


It would be best to connect your PC directly to your new modem via the Ethernet cable provided, then enter the following IP address,, into the address bar of your browser


(or just click on this on the link if your device is connected via Wi-Fi to the modem in question)

Browsers Address bars.png

  1. Click on the Broadband symbol at the top of the page, so that it is highlighted with a blue square.
  2. This will show you to the Connection Settings page
  3. Under the title PPPoE, find the Username field, enter your BigPond Username,
  4. In the Password and Confirm Password field under that enter your password for your BigPond user name. 
  5. Click on the Apply button in the lower right hand side of the screen. 
  6. You should be connected shortly.




- Ben

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