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Using Apple AirPort Time Capsule Wi-Fi with Telstra Technicolour Gateway on NBN

I have had difficulties when changing over from ADSL to Australian NBN using the same Technicolour Gateway.  We required a technician to come and solve the problem after many hours of troubleshooting.  I am including the process below that solved the issue for us but am keen to hear if there were any simpler methods of resolution for people in the future.


These instructions are for setting up a Telstra Technicolour Gateway TG797nV3 on the Australian NBN with an Apple Time Capsule to achieve the following:

* Local Wi-Fi network created by the Time Capsule (allows Time machine backups to Time Capsule, Apple file sharing, etc)

* Internet access on the Time Capsule Wi-Fi network

* Working phone connection on the NBN through the Technicolour Gateway


These instructions assume that you have already established a Wi-Fi network created by your Time Capsule - https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT201510


These instructions are particularly useful if you had bridged your AirPort Time Capsule to a Telstra Technicolour gateway while connected to Australian ADSL.



  1. Disconnect all cords (except power cords) from Technicolour Gateway and Time Capsule.
  2. Plug NBN ethernet cable into WAN slot on Technicolour Gateway.
  3. Connect phone cord into phone base station and Voice slot on Technicolour Gateway
  4. Reset Technicolour Gateway (hold reset button on back for 10secs)
  5. Plug ethernet cable into LAN slot on Technicolour Gateway and WAN slot on Time Capsule.
  6. Open AirPort Utility on computer and edit Time Capsule settings:

            In ‘Network’ tab, change ‘Router Mode’ setting to ‘Off (Bridge Mode)’.

In ‘Internet’ tab, change ‘Connect Using’ setting to ‘DHCP’. Check that router address is  (If it does not have this address click renew DHCP lease button.)

‘Base Station’ tab, ‘Wireless’ tab and ‘Disks’ tab settings all stay the same.

Save the settings by clicking ‘Update’.

  1. If you had DHCP reservations for specific devices set up on your Time Capsule Network, you will need to enter these into the ‘Static Leases’ section within the ‘Local Network’ settings on the Technicolour Gateway (see steps 8, 9 and 11 to access ‘Local Network’ settings).


The light on the Time Capsule should now be green (and the Time Capsule and Internet indicator buttons in AirPort Utility should be green) and the Ethernet, Wireless, Voice, WAN, Internet and ECO lights on the Technicolour Gateway should all be green (some may be flashing). It may up to 10 minues after the Technicolour Gateway restarts in Step 4 for the Voice light to become solid green. You should hear a dialtone in the phone when the Voice light is green.


Overall, these instructions make the Technicolour Gateway the router and DHCP server (distributes IP addresses) and bridge the Time Capsule so it creates a Wi-Fi network and passes on the internet connection and IP addresses assigned by the Technicolour Gateway.



Once the Time Capsule restarts after step 6, you should have an internet connection through your Time Capsule’s Wi-Fi network. If not, here are some instructions that might help with troubleshooting:


  1. Go to an internet browser (Safari/Firefox/other) and type ‘’ into the address bar. This will open the Technicolour Gateway settings.
  2. Click on ‘Advanced Settings’
  3. Click on the ‘Internet Access’ option and confirm that the connection mode is ‘DHCP routed mode’. All the default settings should be used. Close this window.
  4. Click on the ‘Local Network’ option and confirm that the DHCP server box is ticked and the following settings should be present:

            Network address:

DHCP Start Address

            DHCP End Address

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Re: Using Apple AirPort Time Capsule Wi-Fi with Telstra Technicolour Gateway on NBN

Thanks for this great post - I have been struggling to get my TC working with NBN for months!! 
Had a break from trying for a while - just came back to try afresh and found this..,,excellent.

My router is different, but the idea was the same and it is now all working perfectly again.

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Re: Using Apple AirPort Time Capsule Wi-Fi with Telstra Technicolour Gateway on NBN

Also works with SAGEMCOM F@ST 5355 GATEWAY.

Thanks Chris1021.

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