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Using multiple email addresses with Telstra Webmail

I have a primary email address Under this I have 3 other mailboxes. With outlook I could naturally set up each one in its own right. But I am now forced to use Telstra Webmail app. I set up primary all right but I am stuffed how to set up others. In app I just cannot find a means, even under setup. I need these 4 email boxes, I hope someone can assist. Thanks Just one other thing, I would rather use Outlook but where I live they supply online service and as such I do not know how to setup in and out settings. Neither does management. Maybe help here would solve my problem. Thanks again.

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Re: Using multiple email addresses with Telstra Webmail

My understanding is that Telstra WebMail only lets you log into one email account at a time.


What device are you attempting to use Microsoft Outlook on?.

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Re: Using multiple email addresses with Telstra Webmail

Can you explain what you mean by 'where I live they supply online service'   if you can get the internet (which you must do if you can use webmail, then you should be able to use Outlook..  incoming and outgoing server details for email are set by the email server and not by the way you get your internet delivered (well, not usually at least)..

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Re: Using multiple email addresses with Telstra Webmail

In Telstra webmail if you go settings--Mail--add email account you are able to add multiple accounts. 


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