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Velocity broken again

Telstra velocity broadband. Its broken yet again. What a rubbish system. Yalyalup. WA. 210620. Been told four days to fix. Have a look at Yalyalup Facebook community page and see how many people are unhappy. Upgrade this to higher speed for free or scrap and install NBN, fed up with a system with slow speeds, 1mb upload speed!! And Netflix that cuts out all the time. $75 a month, Bargain. Oh and a useless non existent velocity customer service team. Just because we don't have any choice on our provider doesn't mean you shouldn't get it fixed and do the right thing. 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Velocity broken again

You do realise that that Facebook page is a closed group and the general public can't see its' contents?


Being a fibre system, it can take time to get parts if they are required (especially if there aren't any in Perth - exacerbated by the reduced flights between the east coast, or worse (overseas) and Perth), plus getting the technicians booked as well.


As far as switching to NBN, so far, NBN Co hasn't shown much interest in taking over the Velocity areas. I suspect that won't happen until some time after the rollout is complete.

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