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Velocity not connecting to smart Telstra modem

Hi can anyone help with my Velocity connection .Telstra tells me everything is connected but my smart modem only has a blue light on and the WAN/DSL light is off. The wi-fi light is green, mobile mode is green, mobile signal is orange. I have plugged a cable into the the red wan port on the modem and connected it to VEL 1 on the junction box that has 4 rg5 ports .I logged on to and could see on the broadband PPP credential setting a email and password should i touch this Heeeeelllpp me anyone

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Re: Velocity not connecting to smart Telstra modem

I have the same problem. Did you get a solution? 

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: Velocity not connecting to smart Telstra modem

Hi - a friend of mine has Velocity and he had to enter his Telstra ID and password into the PPPoE section of the modem. You can test if your service has been activated by connecting the white Ethernet LAN cable from a PC directly to the UNI-D LAN port of the Velocity Connection Box to see if you surf the Internet. Suggest to start with LAN Port 1 and work your way through the others if no connection on Port 1..If none are active, you will need to contact Telstra so that they can turn it ON. 

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