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Velocity speed

Wondering if there are any updates on velocity? The upload is extremely slow (over fttp)

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Re: Velocity speed

A bit... Statutory Infrastructure Providers under the new legislative regime are obligated to provide at least an upload of 5 Mbps. Upon pointing out that Telstra don't sell that currently, the reply I got from ACMA was "Please note that this legislation applies only to the capabilities of the network. The plans offered to individual consumers may be limited to slower speeds." which is so insane a response as to certainly warrant being called an "update".


And the explanatory note by the Communications Department for the exemptions that are now extending allowing Velocity to operate like it is said in said extension that the alternative was that Telstra would basically shut it down with no notice if it wasn't granted. So that's a hostage situation.


And upload speeds in Algeria marginally improved, which means that the maximum upload speed on Velocity Telstra currently sells is once again below the average fixed upload speed for any country listed on speedtest.net.


So in good news, Telstra Velocity is still mostly providing a service?


(that's to say if DNS or somesuch doesn't stop working randomly for a day again)




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