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Very slow ADSL speed

HI I am a very non techy and first time CS user, I was wondering what to do when faced with really slow speeds on my broadband service this morning. Webpages like newspapers loading really slowly.


I checked with Ping test and and they indicate .32 Mbps download and 0.04 upload speeds. Ping test shows 1702ms Ping and 920ms jitter.  I have checked Whirlpool to see if any notices of problems but nothing I could see.

Have rebooted modem and swept PC for issues. I have plenty of GB's in my monthly allowance left. I usually get between 17Mbps on a good day and 8 Mbps download on poor day. I am around 600 metres from exchange and have ADSL 2.


Thanks for any suggestions for a beginner here.

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Re: Very slow ADSL speed

Hi TobyMan,


Try checking this thread

and this thread 

after reading both of these and seeing which might apply


ask Telstra to 1) check line 2) maybe look for the phone lines and check mice or rat damage to the physical cables 3)check to see if they are doind NBN roll out in your area,  is all I can suggest.


Hope I have helped

Telstra customer 15+ yrs, I am not a Telstra employee and never have been

Kudos and thanks welcomed

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Service Status in your area
Someone asked to check your ping but dont know how
Check all your connected programs

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