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Very slow TG587n V3 Modem , replacement suggestions



Have been having slow internet for about 3 weeks, Ipad 2 , most times would not load pages, computer I needed to try  a few times to open pages. When I tried the Telstra internet speed, most times it would time out. Upgraded computer with 16g ram, was a little better , but mostly the same. I got a lend of an old Linksys Cisco Wag160N to try, and guess what , was of like a rocket, Ipad back to normal.

My question is as it appears the Modem has a fault (timing out when opening pages etc) has anyone got a suggestion for a replacement, Telstra or some other brand, Would be nice if Telstra would replace it, but wouldnt hold my breath. (By thre way have done a reset on the modem)

Anyway lets know .




Better add , that is using wireless with both computer and Ipads.

4 devices connected plus T-Box

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Level 4: Private Eye

Re: Very slow TG587n V3 Modem , replacement suggestions

fixed, bought a gateway Max.

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