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Video crashing - Is there a known Telstra issue with Facetime?

Facetime calls to overseas contacts on Telstra Cable Broadband are constantly crashing.


I am raising this issue once again in this forum, because to date there have been no attempts by anyone at Telstra to acknowledge/resolve it.


I work in Kazakhstan and have been using Facetime to keep in daily contact with my family at home in Perth.


I recently churned from iiNet ADSL2+ (10/0.7Mbps) where Facetime worked perfectly, to Telstra Cable broadband (35/1Mbps) where it does not.


Facetime calls from home to overseas contacts start off ok, however after approx. 10 seconds, the video at the remote end stalls, and is replaced by an error message stating 'poor connection'.  Audio at the remote end continues to work fine.  Both audio and video work fine at the home end.


This occurs when using different devices at the home end (iPad, iPhone, Mac Mini), and over both wifi and ethernet connection...and it happens every single time.  Without fail.


Home calls to/from KZ, UK, NZ all fail in this manner.  Facetime calls KZ to/from UK, or KZ to/from NZ work fine.  It only appears to be when using the Telstra service that we encounter this issue.


We are not the only Telstra customers experiencing this issue, it appears to be a fairly common problem.  See links below;


Facetime calls from overseas to to non-Telstra contacts in Perth work fine.


Skype calls to home work fine, but then Skype is a p2p service.


Is this issue related to the well documented problems Telstra is experiencing with Downloads from Apple servers?


Are there any Telstra Techs out there to provide any insight/possible solutions to this issue?


Someone, please advise.




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