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Voice call options to speak to a real person at Telstra

All advertised Telstra NBN and support contact numbers (132200 + 1800130414) terminate before connecting to a real person and end by sending a SMS with link to begin a chat session.


The recorded messages still makes you go thru identity check by asking for an Account Phone Number and then still chucks you off.


Does anyone know of any Telstra Contact Phone numbers that will let me speak to a real person for 15 mins to re-order my NBN switchover?


Yesterday, I just happen to receive an unsolicited call from TSA (Telstra Agent?) in WA at what seemed like the right time to secure my NBN Transition Order but that Order was processed to include a Professional Installation which is specifically NOT what I authorised.  Now at the end of another 90 mins chat session, Telstra said they had to cancel the original Order before they could add a new amended one ... I have left it at "cancelled" until I can speak to a real person about my few questions on the exact specifics of the new proposed Plan.  Very sad after decades as a Telstra customer, both personal and in big Business.


No-one on the chat sessions wants to deal with my questions ... only to tell "this is the plan for you!" ... and get onto their next piece of multi-chat session.


They also confirmed our suspicions today, that the regular delays in responding to any text input is because they are handling multiple chat sessions at the same time.


Thanks,  R

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