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VOIP over NBN with existing landline telephone number using own router not Uni-V port

I have new NBN working well with a wired home ethernet network using own router to get better performance Netgear NightHawk R7000. Exisitng home telephone number and standard home phones no longer work as copper wire/ADSL has been disabled by NBN/Telstra. So currently I can't make or recive calls with my home telephone number of long-standing.


The NBN connection box (internal) is configured to NGC (default) which amongst other things means that the Uni-V (voice) port is disabled. To enable it, which I don't want to do, I would have to convert to IPPOTS, the other non-default configuration, which enables use of the port for medical alert, home security etc with battery backup, and also enables a standard exisiting analogue handset to be plugged in and used over the NBN. This part of the NBN box would seem to be acting as a type of media converter converting voice into a suitable NBN format. Many people would want this as it means that an existing handset can continue to be used; it also means that the handset has to be close to the NBN box.


I want to use VOIP handset(s) for examle Gigaset C530IP Cordless which has VOIP capability built-in with ethernet port in the base station so that I can plug it straight into an existing wired ethernet port (using Cat5e cable) elsewhere in the house and so effectively use the DECT (cordless) handset over the NBN. I also want to similarly connect a business phone in my home office such as in the PolyCom IP 335 and again plug it straight into an existing ethernet port in this case on my router or indeed PoE switch which is nearby. 


It is difficult to get reliable information about these preferred options from NBN/Telstra call centres, Telstra shops, or indeed Google.


I have been told that doing this is 'plug and play' that is, with my existing setup, I can  plug VOIP-enabled ethernet/IP phones and expect them to (magically) work using my exisiting home telephone number with a minimum of setup issues. This would be great but perhaps is to hard to imagine.


So I am asking, can VOIP phones over a wired ethernet home network using the Netgear or similar router with NGC NBN be expected to work, and can any advice or real-world experience be offered.



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Re: VOIP over NBN with existing landline telephone number using own router not Uni-V port

If I'm reading you correctly you're wondering if you can BYO VoIP handsets and use the Telstra NGC system?

If that's the case, then the answer is sadly no. This is because Telstra won't give out the SIP details needed to connect third-party devices to the service. It only works through their auto-configured Gateways.

If however you want to use a different phone number with another VoIP provider, no issues there.
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Re: VOIP over NBN with existing landline telephone number using own router not Uni-V port

Couldn’t you plug the WAN port of the Telstra NBN Router into the LAN port of your Netgear Nighthawke router? Provided both routers don’t have conflicting IP Addresses then you should be fine. I also would advise not to connect any other devices to the Telstra NBN router.

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