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WAN connection down constantly - Cable

I've had this internet connection for several years now, and for the past 2-3 years randomly it will go down, sometimes once every couple months, sometimes daily, sometimes once a week. Sometimes it is out for a couple minutes, sometimes more then 24 hours.


I used to bother calling up tech support, but they would always instruct me to do the same thing, and eventually end up getting someone sent out to get it fixed:

"What are the lights doing?"

"Turn router on and off"

"Unplug and plug the coaxial cable in"


However between the time of the call and the person coming out, it magically fixes itself, Telstra see's that my connection is fine again, ring me and ask if my internet is working, I say yes, so they don't need to send the person out anymore.


I don't have Foxtel or a splitter like suggested in other similar support tickets.

It is a wired connection.

I can't imagine it is because of outages in the area if it is happening so frequently and for such varied amounts of times.


The service is appalling

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