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Websites struggling to load using 3rd party routers

I got a good one for ya'll...


Been using Telstra gateway branded modems for years, not too bad but they have a short lifespan.


We currently have FTTP NBN


Other day, Telstra gateway starts to die.
- Internet starts dropping out multiple times a day
- I figure its expected as its about 12 months old, time for new modem/router.


I buy a Linksys WRT1900ACS
- It connects to the internet automatically thanks to DHCP
- Problems begin...
- Internet seems to struggle/get stuck loading websites at random.
- Tried to visit google.com, nothing, stuck loading with a blank white page.
- If I'm lucky I hit refresh 5-10 times it will load, other times I just have to wait 5-10 minutes and comes back to the PC and try load the website again and it works.
- Then try to visit another few pages, they all work instantly.
- Then I hit one that gets stuck again, this time it was accuweather.com - same issues.
- Pick up my iPhone connected to Wifi, browse the internet on there - end up running into the same issue.
- Ask the wife if she has had issues on her phone, yep - she describes the same issues with certain websites getting stuck loading.
- Run through hours of troubleshooting and router configuration with Linksys support, cannot fix.
- End up taking the Linksys back and exchanging it for a Ubiquiti Amplifi HD Router


*note these highly rated routers.


I get Ubiquiti router home and connect it.
- Exactly the same issues start occurring as above. EXACTLY.
- Run through hours of troubleshooting and router configuration with Ubiquiti support, cannot fix.


Am I missing soemthing? why does it seem that 3rd party routers have issues with FTTP NBN Broadband/Modems/Telstra?


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Re: Websites struggling to load using 3rd party routers

I've got a 3rd party modem/router on NBN FTTP and haven't had any issue's like what you're describing. My first thought though, if you haven't already, would be to change the DNS in the gateway from Telstra's (61.9.xxx.xxx) to Google's (, and see if it makes any difference to the network at all.


If not then I'd possibly try calling NBN support and seeing what they might be able to do for you. It may be possible that you're eligible for a warranty modem (generally they don't have too many qualms about sending them out, as long as it's got a valid reason attached to it).



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Re: Websites struggling to load using 3rd party routers

Given that the dropouts are occurring on both your old and new modems, a call to the 1800 834 273 number would be a good move as it sounds like a network/connection problem rather than a problem with the modems.

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