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West Pymble Broadband Outage

WHat the heck is happening with Telstra Broadband cable in the West Pymble/Pymble Area (this thread speaks for MANY !!!)


An ongoing outage that started on Saturday 20 Feb, and is still occurring today (23 Feb)

I pay premium $$ for a premium service, and am getting what I can only describe as something i'd expect to find in the backwaters of a third world country.


So far we (not just me but many other users in West Pymble) we have experienced the outage:

Sat 20 Feb:

Outage Lasting from approx. 09:40-22:00 (ALL Day !!)

Sun 21 Feb:

Most of the day available, before the outage re-occurred at 19:55 Sunday evening, for a number of hours

Mon 22 feb:

Outage re-occured from approx. 10:35 thru to 23:20 (so AGAIN, the whole day !!!)

Tue 23 Feb: (so far as at 10:30)

Outage re-occured at approx. 09:15 (??) or thereabouts and is still ongoing now


I log a Telstra call each time, and I get the "Yes, there is am outage that should be fixed in [sometime in the distant futire]" (Fair Go !!!)


Please ... when will this be resolved ... I don't accept that an issue can take this long to fix. Even a couple of years ago when a digger CUT the fibre, we were up again in a day.   Is it really a 'BREAK" or is this a scheduled upgrade of infrastructure - if so, please tell us .



One (of the VERY MANY) frustrated and disappointed customers in West Pymble/Pymble Area !!!!



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