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What alternatives are there to nbn

From my research so far, I would be worse off with NBN (FTTC) than I'm now. It will cost more, it would be slower, and I have to give up Foxtel. I've been told that it is possible to use a satellite receiver for Foxtel, but can that additionally provide fast internet speeds (100Mbs or more)?

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Re: What alternatives are there to nbn

Most, if not all, terrestrial internet services are provided by NBN, regardless of which RSP (Telstra, Optus, Aussie Broadband etc.) you use..  so you need to shop around with those to get the type and speed of service you want and is available at your home..  the last one is the critical one, it all depends what service option/s NBN have to your location.


The alternative is to use Wireless Broadband, from an RSP of your choice - which will be 4G and eventually 5G if it is in your area.  Satellite internet might not work as well as you would like until Starlink or one of the low earth orbit service become available in this country and even then speed and coverage is still not fully disclosed. NBN can deliver a satellite service as well but there are special conditions about where they will supply that.


Foxtel can give you entertainment services via satellite, but if you want broadband from them, guess what...  it will be an NBN service..


Limited choices really, but that is what we have been given to pick from..  and you pay to get the speed you want..  where the RSP can do good, is to allow you to have heaps of data, but they can't change the speed - if you elect SpeedBoost, Superfast or Ultrafast speeds, the RSP you use will order that from NBN on your behalf and pass on the cost..


I am assuming in the above, that you are talking about private, residential services of course..


This information might give you some of the more obscure options..  https://www.canstarblue.com.au/internet/nbn-alternatives/

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