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What am I supposed to do other than leave Telstra?

Someone please tell me what I am supposed to do here other than cancel my services with Telstra for this abysmal treatment?


Here is my current timeline of events

  • Request NBN install 2 weeks ago, given order numbers, told delays we'll do what we can, yada yada fine great get the ball rolling
  • Following Saturday 27/06/20 my ADSL drops down to about 2mbps or less, constant dropouts, unusable, log request via MyTelstra app for support, told i will expect a callback in 24 hours, ok fine
  • Monday/Tuesday - follow up as i have not heard back from anyone, i am told i was contacted and that i asked them to call me back 02/07/20 - this never happened, they had the wrong number, no idea how they got that - apologies, we'll contact oyu in 24 hours
  • Same time, follow up on my NBN order - give them the order numbers, am told they dont exist and there is no order (???) Told i will be put through to sales department, never hear back
  • follow up next day, am told there is no order number as it hasnt been verified yet, given an SR number instead, follow up on my technical issue and am told they will contact the agent and they will follow up with me "soon"
  • Follow up the next day again, after some basic troubleshooting (again) am told they can see 100s of dropouts and that they will escalate to level 2 and that someone will call me in 24 hours (3rd time i've been told this)
  • Follow up regarding my NBN, told I cannot get it at my address (???) have a back and forth with the agent, using the telstra and nbn website to confirm i can get it, they then confirm yes i can get it, go through the steps of confirming my approval and details to get the process started, they say they will make changes to my technology to allow it to update but will not impact my current service
  • Following this, I request to lodge a formal complaint via the app, they get the details and say someone from their complaints department will contact me within 5-28 days
  • Today - my internet has been 100% down all day, the backup sim in my modem does not work, and the only solution i've been relying on for the week to do my damn job is my old telstra modem with a backup sim that works, only now this connection is 0.1mbps - attempts to contact telstra again have since failed


So please, tell me, what am I supposed to do? I literally have no choice but to leave telstra after being a loyal customer for over 20 years after this disgusting service experience

This is driving me absolutely crazy and i cannot for the life of me get any help, i cannot afford to go another full week with no internet

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Re: What am I supposed to do other than leave Telstra?

Hi Aussielokken, this is straight forward.

1. Call the 132200 number.

2. Log a call and get an Incident number (very important). On the call, tell them that you will log a complaint with the Telecom Ombudsman - TIO due to your issue taking so much time to resolve.

3. Next morning make an on-line application on the TIO website noting your incident number.


This is not uncommon, but no-one moves till a formal complaint has been made. Then things happen.


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