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What does the 299 connection fee actually include

Hi there,


Quick question What does the 299 connection fee include, i know about it dropping down for certain reasons i.e. if no technician has to visit etc.


Anyway I have a tech coming friday, i don't care about paying 299 bucks i just wantto know whats going to be done. Currently on the property I have a landline already and I am getting another one hence my ISP has said pay us 299 bucks and we'll get telstra to come out and do the stuff they need to do. 


Does this mean that if required telstra will LAY a NEW cable from the pit on the road TO my house where my other landline is currently. I spoke to an electrician and they said they cannot do lead in cables because Telstra do it, they can only connect the lead in cable TO a phone socket.


Which leads me to me to my next question. If telstra do lay down a new cable and connect itto my house, where does the cable sit, will they just leave it hanging inside a wall somewhere waiting for a private electrician to come along and connect it to a phone socket?





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Re: What does the 299 connection fee actually include

Hi, Simmy1,


I noticed you mentioned that you're paying the $299 connection fee to a different ISP who will "get Telstra to come out and do the stuff they need to do". In this case, wouldn't it be a reasonable suggestion to ask your ISP as to what the connection involves? Just a thought.


Generally, the connection would be made completely all the way to your phone socket so you won't need an additional private electrician to complete the installation.


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Re: What does the 299 connection fee actually include


In addition to the excellent information provided by Tezz, if you are a pensioner, there is a substantial discount for connections.


Thank you

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Re: What does the 299 connection fee actually include

Hi Simmy1,

I believed Telstra's responsibility is to connect the Telephone service from the exchange or the pit to the first boundary point of your house.

Your responsibilty is to lay cable from the boundary point to the location where you want to hook up the phone or a 2nd phone.


$299 includes (this is what i believed)

doing everything from our end that including visit to the exchange, hooking up all the cables, drive down to the pit and configure it, then go straight to your house and hook things up from the boundary point to our cable on the street.

Test your phone to see if it working or not before leaving (only if the phone socket has already been installed prior).


hoped i answer your question.


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