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What happens to my ADSL plan when the network is switched off?

I'm contracted to Telstra until Jan 19 for my ADSL2+ internet connection (with the Foxtel hottest entertainment bundle: which I don't have connected nor use). I'm currently receiving mail from NBN Co. stating that "most services in your area will be disconnected from 14 September 2018." I do not wish to take out another contract with Telstra due to the poor customer service I've previously been provided and the uncompetitive cost/performance of the NBN plans offered, however I'm unsure what will happen come 14 September and I'm disconnected from my current internet service. Am I able to switch to a Telstra Plan for the remaining 3 months of my contract, or would I be forced into taking out a new 24 month contract? If the latter, do I have the ability to cancel my plan (at nil cost), or would I continue to be charged for a service that I am not receiving????


Hoping someone knowledgable can help fill in the gaps here.




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Re: What happens to my ADSL plan when the network is switched off?

You can migrate and maintain your current service as it is with the same contract, you will just get an updated NBN compatible modem if required or can move to a different offer, that is up to you.


If you wait, you will be disconnected and the contract would be cancelled, however depending on the way it is deemed by NBN that may result in you ending up with a $300 new connection fee with NBN, or if moving to another provider now a termination charge would apply for the remainder of your contract generally, so you may be better to migrate as it is then review after the end of your current contract. 


Alternatively, you can speak to the dedicated disconnection team on 132200 and say "disconnect" and they will be able to review the case for you and may be able to look into the fees or at least give you all the options in your exact case. They are based primarily in Adelaide and are generally really helpful so would be worth the call to verify. They are available 9am to 8:30pm EDST I believe. They should also be able to help with the migration if that is what you decide with them is the best solution until the end of your current contract.

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