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What is customer loyalty anyway?

I've been an incredibly loyal Telstra customer, having my own account for more than 27 years - before that, my parents have been with Telstra/Telecom... forever!


So today, I hear that my neighbour received a call from the OMT, sweetening the deal to move to the NBN, by offering them two complimentary mobiles. 


Last year, Telstra was offering new customers in my area, a free Samsung Tablet to move across their services. 


27 years later... I'm still waiting for my customer loyalty 'reward'.


Think I'll switch providers now I'm out of contract - maybe they'll offer me something then?!

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Re: What is customer loyalty anyway?

Maybe call Telstra sales and see if they can offer you something similar to resign with Telstra. Other than that I'd certainly look around. If you do think of signing with Telstra make sure you read the "critical information.pdf" for any gotchas.
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