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What's wrong with Telstra NBN provisioning?

Hi Crowd Support,


I can't find the Business NBN board and this why I am posting here.

Need to post here since I have been able to get any answers from Telstra representatives.


I am an IT person and am enquiring on behalf of a fiend who runs a business in Preston Victoria.


He ordered NBN broadband back in February 2020 just before the lockdown  and as of today Telstra has not provisioned the service yet. Restrictions have eased but still no service has been provided (4 months so far).

The HFC NBNCO service is available and this was checked with Telstra.


We have been ringing Telstra Business almost every week and we are told that it is being rolled out to him soon, but nothing has happened so far.  


I don't know whether it is an NBNCO problem or Telstra.


Either Telstra are lying to us or they have a serious flaw in the order and provisioning system.


Currently my friend has ADSL2 and it is to slow to migrate his on premise exchange 2013 server to office365.


Does anyone have any answers as to why it has become like this? 

Is there a resolution?


Thanks and regards



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