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When telstra makes you feel like nobody

Over the last 8 Months I have helplessly raised escalations to telstra tech support to help me resolve my home cable and phone service.


8 Months and only 1 so called case manager called Steven called me up. His resolution was that I should not complain and accept what I got, even though I signed up for cable service (over 50Mbps) and got nothing over 5 Mbps and a phone line that doesnt work.


I have never felt so humiliated and ignored however thanks to telstra now I have.

the tech support says my new case manager Dan Alfred has been sitting on my case for over 7 days and I am still waiting for his call.


What a regret seriously.

I will be raising this issue with the telco ombudsman because Telstra has an obligation towards its customers  and they need to fulfil it.


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Re: When telstra makes you feel like nobody


As you've reported such unfortunate events with your complaint you could email the Telstra CEO who has a high level complaints office in Melbourne who are very good

Here is a link that can be found on Google

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Re: When telstra makes you feel like nobody

Thank you for the link.

I have already submitted  a complaint through the same link 10 days back and I havent had any response from telstra.


Adding to my injury, the overseas telstra billing and service teams have been one of the worst lot I have come across.

They refuse to memo the call and speak to you ask if they are obliging you.

Not a single case manager has called me in these 18 days of filing cases.


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