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When Telstra responses on Outage Page & Call tech support are furphies?

Over 30 hrs of Internet Cable Outage - Post Code 3142.
Unable to get true status or updates to re-adjust plans and lives:
a) Telstra appears to have a standard completion time of 7pm everyday on their Outage Page(no matter which region/area). It then changes to the following date, when time passed.
b) on getting-an online ref number with advise to call Tech Support, Telstra's automated call-answering recognises one's mobile number with the account, and states there's an outage(duh); then texts link to above outage site(a). Duh Duh.
So the help sought from any of the thousands of staff employed directly/indirectly at Telstra is, can one know the truth. Whats the issue & when will it be fixed? 
It also appears, there's no Telstra executive incharge at the Melbourne Head Office to ensure accurate, dynamic communications for lengthy breakdowns in service- there's a CEO's complaint portal with a sharp-photo of Mr Andrew Pennthough, which has no tactical response(weekend?). https://service.telstra.com.au/customer/general/forms/contact-ceo/form
Mr Andrew Penn, CEO's form.
Phew- now all I want is insights & accuracy in communications, having been their customer for decades.

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Level 23: Superhero

Re: When Telstra responses on Outage Page & Call tech support are furphies?

Specific information on outages generally arent provided and outage timeframes can change depending on the root cause.

Most cable outages are due to NBN work in preparation for NBN HFC services being made avalaible.
I work for Telstra, but my opinions are my own and not that of Telstras
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Re: When Telstra responses on Outage Page & Call tech support are furphies?

"Specific information on outages generally aren't provided.."
Indeed. and therein lies the problem; when(even in this transparent communication age) it appears there are still a few Corporate Boards who reckon it's great policy to be opaque with their customers.
It's so easy to do the reverse(with existing resources) and achieve Best-in-Class Service prominence.

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