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why am I charged for uploads?

Its 12 April and my account shows I've used 80GB of my 100GB limit. Of the 80GB used, 40GB is uploads.
I don't understand where upoads of this size have come from. They have accummulated over several days this month.
Our family of 4 uses the internet for movies, Spotify, email, facebook, a little skype. I can see why there would be some uploads in this usage but 40GB in 12 days? How can I check what this uploading has been for?

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Re: why am I charged for uploads?

Check if any of your family members are downloading torrented movies. If they are, and are leaving the torrent program's download ratio at default, it wiĺ likely be uploading as much as it downloads.

Ben Helps
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Re: why am I charged for uploads?

Thanks Ben. Will check that out.

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