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Why change to NBN when my current speed is >100?

I understand that I have to change over to NBN. No alternative.


I currently have over 100MBs download speed on Hydrid Fibre Coax. Why should I change to an NBN plan that is slower? Of course I can pay significantly more for the same service.

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Re: Why change to NBN when my current speed is >100?


Transferring to NBN does result in a lower download speed for Telstra cable customers but it has greatly increased both the upload and download speed of the vast majority of the customers who before NBN had to rely on ADSL for there connection. In order to make the NBN economically viable the government has stopped other ISPs providing competing fixed line internet services in areas were NBN is available.


Although your download speed will be lower there are some advantages of changing to NBN.


  1. Your upload speed is greater.
  2. You have a choice of ISPs.
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Re: Why change to NBN when my current speed is >100?

You do have an alternative.

Telstra mobile broadband. 4GX

I have a poor 4GX signal of just 1 bar, but my speeds are a minimum of 190MB/s to 270MB/s

Using a Netgear Nighthawk M2 modem using ethernet from the modem to a Next Tech ethernet switch $39.95 Jaycar) with 3 computers cabled plus iPad and 3 mobiles on wi fi.


I only use NBN HFC for home phone.


From a  25 year Telstra enterprise dealer  (friend) who uses 5G near a base station, his speeds are lower on sub mm wave 5G on a Telstra mobile broadband modem. 

So, you have a great alternative to NBN simply with 4G which has been tuned to perfection using 4GX

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