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Why do I get email ,each morning from "Telstra Smart Modem

Each morning a text arrives on my mobile:  Hi, your telstra smart modem has recently switched over to Telstra's mobile network. If your landline phone is affected and you need it urgently call us on  132203 or visit https://fix.telstra.com/smartmodem


Nothing I believe is affected apart from these annoying emails each morning since March 31st . Its now15th April and still get them. 

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Level 1: Cadet

Re: Why do I get email ,each morning from "Telstra Smart Modem

Yes I want to know what this is about?
After getting this SMS my computer started dropping out and in upload speed became 0.5 Mpbs usually over 12 Mpbs, this just before Queens Birthday weekend?
Download speed usually over 40 Mpbs, became 30 Mpbs.

All the lights on Smart modem were Green as normal.
this site gives a vague answer but don't state why?
Just this morning speeds are now normal?

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