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Why is Telstra service so bad?



My ADSL connection keeps dropping. Baiscs: go from a great speed of 10Mbps, then drops line then comes back at 1.5Mpbs. Happens 3-4times in one hour then can not happen for 24hrs. I have modem logs to show the times it drops. 


This has been going on for 3-4weeks, while I'm trying to study online (ironically networking) there's a full house here and no TV aerial. 


I've spoken to the chat support 3-4 times on separate days. They do the same troubleshooting routine. They get me to check the line speed, wow 10Mbps, then 20 mins later it drops. I've isolated devices just to a single Ethernet connected PC and it still occurs. 


They now bounced be 3 times in the chat to finally land with the NBN team! This is insane as the NBN co won't be ready on my street till Dec 2020...


So how? (I've been in service roles and troubleshooting IT roles) HOW IS TELSTRA'S SERVICE SO BAD? 

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Level 1: Cadet
Level 1: Cadet

Re: Why is Telstra service so bad?

i think we all should take a class action 


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