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Wifi booster

I bought a Telstra wifi booster which guaranteed to fix black spots in my house.  After installing it, I got a text message from Telstra saying it has monitored its performance and can see it has not improved our wifi experience.  They asked if we’d like another. I agreed.  What I want to know is whether the second wifi hosted they apparently want to send me is in place of the first wifi booster they sent me or in addition to the first one.  Actually talking to them is impossible. 

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Re: Wifi booster

They have a 'Wi-Fi guarantee" arrangement going on whereby they will give you up to 3 boosters I think - you can use them all.. so you don't need to send any back (up to 3 boosters plus your modem.


I have wondered whether the guarantee is for the customers benefit or Telstra Air use? and I'd be concerned about how they monitored that and what privacy settings are in place?  But I am a sceptic most of the time..  Smiley Happy


Never had any texts about my two boosters (which I purchased outright before the guarantee came into being)

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Wifi booster

The WiFi boosters don't Transmit Telstra Air or Fon.

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