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Wifi Drop-outs since upgrading to NBN



I've recently upgraded to the NBN (approx 2 months ago). SAM 5CPK-05. I recieved the TG799 Technicolor (Gateway max) modem as part of the upgrade. I've been having wi-fi dropouts that i can't seem to fix. 


I notice it mainly when using my PS4 connected over the wifi. When it was connected through ethernet it worked fine but since switching to wifi it'll have short drop outs (3-5 seconds) every minute or two. Prior to upgrading to the NBN it was working fine so there's nothing wrong with the PS4. 


I've attempted changing the wi-fi channel from 1-11, i've changed from 802.11b/g/n to just 802.b/g, i've changed channel width to 20MHz or 20/40Mhz, i've used different types of security keys but nothing seems to work. I've also tried shifting the PS4 to close proximity to the modem. There is no change in light colour on the modem when these dropouts occur (WAN, internet, wifi, phone etc all stay green). 


Are there any suggestions to fix this? i've tried multiple cables from the wall. Not sure what else to try other than a new modem. I find that the dropouts occur all during the day rather than at peak usage hours. 


I've been told it could be because of congestion on the line effecting bandwidth, could this be the case? If so, does telstra have any plans to upgrade our SAM? 


Thanks for any help.




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Re: Wifi Drop-outs since upgrading to NBN

If it was a congestion issue it would be much more likely to be on all your devices and both on Wi-Fi and Ethernet. If the modem was dropping out rather than just wifi issue that would be more consistent with congestion or network issue.

The fact that it is only Wi-Fi and not ethernet suggests more likely that it is a modem or device. If it is only PS4 having the issue, then it could be in part because of it, but if it is happening to multiple devices it would be more likely that it is modem issue.

I would try doing a factory reset on the modem as a first step but other than that it seems like you have tried most other things you can do to try and eliminate reception interference and the like so if a factory reset doesn't help I would suggest calling 1800 TFIBRE (1800 834 273) and seeing if they are able to help further or arrange a replacement modem if they also agree.
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