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Wifi Dropout

Hi - new to this posting game so please bear with me, thanks. I have been experiencing drop outs in internet service recently, my husband mobile kept using 3g instead of picking up the home wifi connection. Yesterday his phone picked it up and mine is now showing 3g instead of the home wifi. Also the modem is dropping in and out, not sure why as its been working perfectly until past couple of weeks. On 500g ADSL2+ with telstra and using telstra supplied modem.Tried to log onto live chat this morning but just keeps looking to connect but nothing happens. do I need to boost my wifi signal, we do have a T-box downstairs which has shocking reception and useless when recording as it stops, starts and pixlelates  everything? very annoying when trying to watch tv let alone record on it, not sure if its because the box is far from the computer and modem..

Hopefully somebody may be able to shed some light on this before I have to do the dreaded walk to a telstra shop and explain it all to somebody....

Thanks and in advance


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Re: Wifi Dropout

Hi camdeejas,

Are you noticing any change on your phones/computers or the modem?  Losing lights on the modem (such as the DSL light dropping out) will usually indicate a fault.


What modem are you using?  BigPond or Telstra supplied is very generic, I know of at least 20+ modems that they have supplied so try to be specific (usually the model number is on the bottom of the modem).  Have you tried changing the WiFi channel on the modem?  Most BigPond modems can be accessed via and a simple channel change can fix the issue if it's a WiFi dropout.


T-Box is a whole different kettle of fish, the recording and pixellation has nothing to do with the internet connection, it has to do with your FTA signal and the T-Box is notorious for its tuner online.  Have you checked your coverage on the government Digital Ready website?  Even if it shows good signal you may not receive this, my parents have to use a FTA signal booster (**bleep** Smith - about $30 to $50) to improve their FTA signal.


Hope this helps.

Please note that I am an Telstra employee posting in my own time and on my own volition, my opinions and advice are my own and do not constitute the views, values or policies of Telstra.

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