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Wifi main house to caravans

Hi all,

My kids and I are about to move into a caravan each on a property. Due to school and work we need internet. Currently no nbn available.

How do I get internet from the main house to all three caravans?

Please dumb it down cause I'm in no way tech savvy lol

Thanks in advance!!!


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Re: Wifi main house to caravans

If you do not have access to NBN then you could use a mobile Broadband modem in the house.

If the caravans are not close enough to pick up the modem’s WiFi signal, then you can extend its range with a device known as a WiFi Extender.

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Re: Wifi main house to caravans

You could buy a cheap Smart Modem 2 from Gumtree or FB Marketplace and get a mobile broadband SIM to use in it..  the SM2 might have a better wi-fi coverage, particularly on 2.4 GHz...


It might not be possible to stream or play games over mobile broadband, because of data plan limitations, but OK for email, searching etc.


You could expand coverage with a Telstra Smart Wi-Fi booster (but these are nor so readily available on those sites  - so you could look at adding one to the Telstra account at $12/month I think).

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