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Wifi not working on Macbook pro

Help please! We recently switched internet providers to Telstra nbn. All of our personal devices (phones, laptops, iPads, etc) were working with our previous provider, however on the Telstra wifi my MacBook Pro won’t connect to the wifi. It says it is connected (wifi symbol ticked with full bars displayed) but nothing requiring internet loads. My MacBook is still connecting to other networks, and my phones personal hotspot, so would suggest it’s not a computer fault? But at the same time all other devices we have, including a different MacBook Pro connects to the wifi, suggesting it’s not an internet problem. I’m so confused! Have called Telstra and they said it’s a problem with my computer. I called apple and they think it’s an issue with the internet provider. ?.? 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Wifi not working on Macbook pro

Have you checked that the MAC book Pro is set to use DHCP?


Use DHCP or a manual IP address on Mac – Apple Support (UK)

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Re: Wifi not working on Macbook pro

Have you tried forgetting the network and connecting again? This resets all the network settings saved on the Mac including DHCP and IP configurations


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