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WiFi reception

We have a Technicolor TG587n V3...and a T-Hub 1.  We also have two mobile phones on a bundle plan with Telstra.  Until recently we had great service... Now we cannot get Wifi from one end of the house to the other from the wifi.  We have to constantly move the modem.


 We have even resorted to getting a prepaid card just to connect our PS3 & XBox 360 to the internet...cos the phone gets better connection than the wifi.


We had a Telstra technician come to the house two weeks ago because we were not receiving phone calls...he said we had a faulty splinter box and phone cable.  He replaced them...I asked him to test the modem while he was here, because it has a red light on it, saying it is switched off, even though it isnt.  He tested it said it works fine no problems.


Well there is a problem...and when I ring your help line all I get is we dont guarantee on line gaming!!!!  How can a crappy mobile phone on prepaid get better reception and keep the reception over your internet service????

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Re: WiFi reception

How can a crappy mobile phone on prepaid get better reception and keep the reception over your internet service????

If you're using a Technicolor TG587n v3, then the “Internet service” in question is BigPond ADSL, not (Telstra or BigPond) Mobile Broadband over the Next G network. The connection by Wi-Fi from your end-user device to the ADSL modem/router is not part of the Internet service. If you're comparing connection to your wireless local area network and connection to the mobile phone network, then I'm afraid you're confused, and explaining “how” to you would take more effort than I can contemplate at 6:40AM on a Saturday.

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