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Will my NBN ever be connected?

Looking for advice on what to do. We logged a job back in December to move our NBN, and job was booked for January 2021. Then job got changed to March 2021. Then job got changed to May 2021. Our neighbours have NBN but NBN claim technical issues. There is NBN in the pit on the street right in front of our property, conduit in place from the old phone line, but I think it’s just got too hard for NBN and we’ll never get connected. Telstra can’t help as they say out of their hands, no-one calls back from NBN and TIO have about a 3 month wait time to follow up. And to add insult to injury, we are still getting charged $90 per month for a internet and phone service. Do I try another provider like Foxtel who might push NBN harder to do the works?

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Re: Will my NBN ever be connected?

The odds are that it won't matter which provider you sign up with, you will be in the same boat (just without the 4G backup internet on your modem). There may be NBN in the pit in front of your property, but NBN Co may not have installed enough connections to connect all the properties in your area (quite a common problem).

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