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Wrong cable internet plan installed on t-bundle and worst customer service ever

I ordered a t-bundle with ultimate cable. I specifically requested the 100mb connection.


When the technician came out on 5/6/13, he told me I must be on the 30mb plan as he did a speed test and that I should call Telstra to get it resolved.


I called technical support, who told me that my speed is correct for the plan I am on as I have been put on the elite liberty plan. They transferred me to activations.


Activations told me that everything looks okay, and that I need to speak to billing to get this rectified. They transferred me to billing.


Billing told me I am being billed for the Cable 3.0 plan, which according to them is the highest speed plan available and that I should be getting 100mb cable. They said the problem is with technical support and I need to speak to them to get it verified. They transferred me to technical support.


I spoke to technical support again, and they told me that on their system, I am on the elite liberty, which is a 30mb cable plan and my speed is correct. I told them that after 45 minutes on the phone, and verifying my name and DOB 4 times, they needed to fix my problem and that I should be on the ultimate 100mb plan. I asked to speak to the manager on duty. I was put on hold, and then they hung up on me.


The technician came to connect my phone line yesterday (6/2/13). I told him about the poor service I got on the phone. He said to go into a store as the phone service is terrible.


I went into the store on 400 George Street Sydney today, only for them to tell me that I am on the elite liberty cable plan which is 120mb (not 30mb). They said they don't have a planned called ultimate cable and that I shouldn’t be worried and to wait for my next bill. How can the store tell me that there is no ultimate cable plan when that is what I signed up for? And where do they come up with this 120mb speed for the elite liberty?


What I know is that I'm getting 30mb speed and I asked for 100mb.


This is simply ridiculous. I didn't get what I ordered, and no one in Telstra (not on the phone or in a store) seems to know anything. Some departments say I'm on the 30mb plan, and some say that I'm on the 100mb plan.


I will be cancelling my service and going to Optus if this is not resolved in a timely manner.

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