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Xbox One High Packet Loss (100%)

Recently moved in with my Grandparents who have Cable internet - Elite Cable 500Gb (I think) - phones/laptops seem to work fine although I find they pause on DL for no reason at times... But I am having an issue with Xbox Live on my Xbox One, detailed Network shows good DL/UL speeds 35.5/1.09Mbps respectively, wireless strength 76%, MTU1480 however Packet loss is 100% also it will not give me a latency result - modem is a Netgear CG3100D-2BPAUS - I know this is not an Xbox issue as I had a fine Xbox live connection at my previous address on Telstra ADSL2 (technicolor modem) and tried a mobile phone hotspot at new place and packet loss is 0% (just less than ideal bandwidth speeds/latency), any reason why the packet loss is so high? (I also noticed the MTU drop to 1428 when on mobile hotspot). On a second note I also had issues with my LG smart TV connecting to the same Cable WiFi for two hours wouldn't connect and then randomly worked and now it is streaming video from TV Browser/Netflix semi-decently now but YouTube App comes up with a DNS error... Again everything works fine on a Mobile Hotspot..

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Xbox One High Packet Loss (100%)

I should add, my Xbox One will connect to Internet/Xbox live service, commence downloads, surf Internet etc. but when attempting to play online will drop out 30-60secs (if it even connects at all)..
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Re: Xbox One High Packet Loss (100%)

Location is Gold Coast, Queensland

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