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Xbox one not picking up wifi connection


Since connecting to the NBN our Xbox One will not pick up our wi fi connection,

i had no dramas with the ADSL2 connecting.

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Re: Xbox one not picking up wifi connection

Good afternoon, sounds like your Xbox needs A) Resetting and then B) Setting up again to access your new EiFi signal etc.


If you don't have details handy on how to setup the Xbox again for WEiFi use, take a look at the following link, which details the various options for Xbox models:



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Re: Xbox one not picking up wifi connection

If you'll look at the above querie for help again, it is the Xbox One they are having trouble with not the 360.
I cannot even factory reset my xbox because even time I try to connect it to my new NBN the Xbox just restarts and asks me to choose my network all over again.
This is a new xbox because I returned my old one one the weekend under warranty thinking it was microsofts fault, but it's the NBN. My dad was told by a Telsra representative that they could fix it at their end. Was told to wait till the next day to try again. I waited an extra day and what do you know, it's still not working. Please give us a proper fix for this issue.
P.S. My xbox 360 is working just fine with the NBN.

P.p.s I have read that it is because of strict NAT settings on the Telstra modems and or Telstra Air that is causing these issues. Is that correct?
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Re: Xbox one not picking up wifi connection

i read on whirlpool(website) that someone was having issues connection to netflix on xbox(im not sure if that includes wifi on xbox)


the issue was telstra air so try to disable that, i dont know much about the router but you may need to turn it off in the router, and i guess under my account.


just note i dont have a telstra broadband connection so i dont know how to turn on/off telstra air, also you may need to reset(or restart) your router then xbox .


please post back

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Xbox one not picking up wifi connection

You would need to opt out of Telstra Air membership through My Account ( first in order to deactivate the Telstra Air hotspot from your modem.

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