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82yr old fathers phone disconnected

My father who is 82 and lives on his own, has had his Telstra phone service disconnected because he missed the notice to sign over to the NBN. 82 years old, he does not understand how the NBN works and has not actioned the notices sent I am presuming he didn’t understand, but Telstra still disconnected his phone?! He has no mobile and he is currently at home on his own with no way of contacting anyone. He lives 1 hour away from me and I can’t get in contact with him. Is there someone I can call in Australia to help us? Beside myself with worry. 

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Re: 82yr old fathers phone disconnected

Hi, I know what your situation is like. Are you a Telstra customer yourself? You may want to create a new account in your name at his address. You can do it online, Telstra have a phone only account for around $55.00 a month ( I'm guessing your dad does not need internet). Only he won't receive pensioner discount but it's a way to get the system up and running. Otherwise call the 132200 number. I actually was able to speak to someone from Australia last week. He will still need the modem but you will be able to organise it without having Telstra call him. If he still has an accountI and you have power of attorney get yourself onto his account as an authority as well.(you'll need to present it at Telstra shop) . It's an awful situation and hard to get anywhere if you don't have authority on his account. Good luck. Just speaking from tedious experience.

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