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Account Set up with an expired licence

My mum recently moved from QLD to VIC. She wants to set up a Telstra Home Phone Essentials plan (she's 84). Because of her age, she stopped driving and her driver's licence is now expired.

Can she set up a Telstra account if her licence is expired and she does not have a passport - so she can't provide a form of Primary ID document, unless they accept an expired licence.


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Re: Account Set up with an expired licence

There is a Telstra page regarding ID requirements for new accounts, which states:

What forms of ID can I use to set up a new account?

You’ll need 100 points of ID, and that must include at least one form of primary ID. To make up your 100 points, you can use: 

  • One primary ID plus one or two forms of secondary ID, or 
  • Two primary IDs


For a primary ID, your mother could use:


Australian/State Government issued Proof of Age/Identity Card (only when combined with a Medicare card which includes the applicant’s name).  Worth 60 points

In Victoria the Proof of Age card is issued by Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation


For a Secondary ID, your mother can use a Medicare card or a financial institution Credit, debit or ATM card.  Worth 40 points.


Total = 100 points

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