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Call control for Phone (NBN)

Hi Telstra members,


We have just had NBN setup for our home for both internet and phone service.


Previously, we used a feature on the landline called 'call control'.


Before we agreed to go with Telstra for NBN we verified from 2 Telstra representatives that we could still have call control. They said we would need to contact Telstra NBN to re-activate this feature.


We called them 2 days ago and they said it would be enabled within 24 hours, however, we have tried several times to use this service and it does not work.


Just checking with other members if call control is still available for the phone with NBN or is it just bogus?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Call control for Phone (NBN)

Call control isn't supported by the NBN network. 


Whoever told you that it was was wrong. 

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