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Call forward selected callers - activation

It has been a week since I requested that this service be activated on my parents' account ( I am an authorised contact on their account ).


From what I have been told, the support centre staff cannot see this service in their "database". As a result, the service Call Forward All Callers has been activated several times. Each time, I've contacted Support again, explained the error, been told that the service doesn't show up on the database, but that the staff member understands what has gone wrong, and that I can be assured that the correct service will be activated within 24 hours.


I've been through the process four times now, but the service is still not activated. I have asked that my request be escalated by the support staff, to no avail. On more than one occasion I've been told by the support staff that they understand that I'm asking for Selected Callers, but they then proceed to give me the instructions for All Callers "so that I can check whether Selected Callers has been activated". The two services are accessed using completely different codes.


I'm beginning to suspect that there may really be something in the system that is preventing this service being accessed/activated by the support staff, and so they are just activating what they think is the "closest match".


I'm a firm believer in "If what you're doing isn't working, try something else", so hopefully someone here can offer me some guidance....

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