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Call Forwarding Error



Just moved location and when we leave the premises we use to just use *21phonenuymber# to forward calls but now it won't work, just comes up with error on the handset, I hope you can solve this for us as it';s really difficult to run a business without this function available, thanks


regards HPWF Perth

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Re: Call Forwarding Error

Not sure but if call forwarding is something you need to subscribe to as a service perhaps it's not setup correctly on your new number??? Just taking a stab


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Re: Call Forwarding Error

Are you trying to forward from the disconnected (old) number to the new number? I know this won't work.

If you can give us the wording of the error I can see what the problem could be


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Re: Call Forwarding Error

If you try to call forward to a blocked service for instance if you have called to mobiles blocked from the landline then call forwarding will give an error

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