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Call Guardian 301 (issue with Call Waiting)

I'm having an issue with Call Waiting calls disconnecting, on a Call Guardian set of phones I have just purchased.

I can switch between two active calls, but if one of them hangs up, when I switch back to them and then back to the remaining caller, I find they are disconnected as well. All the time, my Call Guardian 301 phone shows both those 2 caller's ID on my phone screen. But I then get a disconnected tone from both.

What should happen, is if one of those callers hangs up, and I switch to them and find they've hung up, when I switch back to the remaining caller, they should still be active.

I can switch all day between them if they stay connected, but soon as one of them hangs up, then the switching isn't working as I expect it to.

Am I missing something here?

Hopefully I haven't been too confusing.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Call Guardian 301 (issue with Call Waiting)

If one of the parties hangs up, then I was under the impression that one of two things occur.

If they were the party that you were talking to, then you would then be automatically transferred to the other call.

If they were the party on hold, then you shouldn't be able to switch to that call as it would no longer exist.

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Re: Call Guardian 301 (issue with Call Waiting)

Thanks for the quick response.
I think the confusing part is that the Call Guardian screen shows both callers ID's even after I get the disconnected signal.

Someone calls me (caller 1), while we're talking someone else calls (caller 2).
I switch to caller 2, and while we're talking, caller 1 hangs up.
My Call Guardian still shows both callers ID's and "phone icons" on the screen.
I switch back to caller 1 to find they've hung up (double beep signal), then I switch back to caller 2.
I should have an active call, but find only the disconnected signal (double beep).

If caller 1 had stayed on the line, I can switch between all day.
But as soon as one of them hangs up, then if I switch back to them, I lose both calls.
But Call Guardian screen at all times (until I hit the End Call button) shows both "phone icons" and caller ID's on screen.
I must admit I haven't tried caller 1 hanging up while I'm talking to them.
I imagine you're correct, that I would then be talking to caller 2.
Maybe my Scenario isn't the most common one, but surely Call Guardian should show that Caller 1 has hung up, and not still show both "phone icons" on the screen.

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