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Call Guardian Screening not working.

I brought the Telstra call guardian 301 mk 2 and in a little over a week I have had to to increase my monthly cost for caller ID display, only to find that every call that is in my phone book, vip list or manually entered allow list to “Still screen every call I get”.

What is the purpose of this phone system if we have to turn off the entire setting that we brought it for.

I’ve read many posts that date back to 2015 with the 201 and I cannot believe that there is still no resolution for this and your still upgrading the models. This is my 2nd handset replacement in a week and no one in Telstra support can tell me correctly how it is meant to be set up to allow my allow numbers to go straight through without a name recording. Can someone please provide me with exact instructions as to the settings that will screen calls, but not my allow numbers. I have used variations of full phone number with area code and it still screens.

I have also attempted to call myself from my mobile and it screens and it doesn’t require additional codes and my home phone does not show as Alison calling, even though when I hang up, it shows my name as missed call. Just the base flashes. I have spent a total of 5 hours to various departments at Telstra to solve this and got no where. Telstra platinum, faults, home phones etc all check the same settings. Reset does nothing to help. Thank You.
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Re: Call Guardian Screening not working.

I am unable to edit post. Sorry for being upset. I believe I found where the confusion is. As set on announce, it will record callers name no matter if allowed or blocked, then it decides which action to do, allow or block. So all allowed numbers will still and always will be screened with name recording ?
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