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Call Number Display

You can screen your calls with Call Number Display on your home phone.


Telstra Call Number Display, can help you identify who is calling by displaying the caller's phone number. It can also store the date and the time of the call, as well as the phone numbers of people who hang up without leaving a message.


There is no charge for Calling Number Display.


You'll need a Calling Number Display-compatible home phone, which is usually any home phone with a graphical display. These types of phones can be rented or purchased online from Telstra including the CND Rental Phone T1000C.


You can also add Caller Number Display to you Duet® service, if you have one, at no extra cost.


To order: Activate Calling Number Display online, contact Telstra, or visit your nearest Telstra shop. What else do you need to know?


If you have call blocking or line blocking enabled on your phone line, or you have a Silent Line, your Calling Line Identification (CLI) will generally not be disclosed to third parties.


However there are some circumstances in which your CLI will always be disclosed. You cannot block CLI on calls made by you or someone else on your phone line:


  •  to the emergency call service (000)
  •  on internet dial-up calls made to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that uses a Telstra ISDN service or an 0198307 or 0198308 access number, but only where the ISP uses the CLI for fraud prevention, billing, call management or credit control.
  •   when you or someone else sends a text message or replies to a Talking Text message from your Basic Telephone Service – in accordance with worldwide standards for SMS, all messages including reply messages will display the telephone number of the sender when you or someone else uses another carriage service provider by using a network override code.

If you would like more information, follow this link  Telstra Customer Terms Please also note that Calling Number Display capable telephones are designed to mute the receiver for 1–2 seconds while the details of the caller's number are sent to the telephone. This may cause a brief interruption to the conversation. Occasionally, some telephones may mistakenly respond to a caller's voice or external noise and cause a false muting of the telephone receiver.

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