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Caller ID on NGC fttc

I'm having trouble getting Caller ID to work on my phone. I called Telstra a year ago about this and they got it to work for a brief time. For the last 10 months it hasn't. It's doing my head in. please help

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: Caller ID on NGC fttc

Hi - when I migrated from Telstra HFC to Telstra NBN HFC, I also lost my outgoing Caller ID feature. I called Telstra and the Call Centre Agent reprogrammed it back in to Telstra's network settings, then asked to power down the modem, wait 30 seconds then turn it back ON and the feature was re-instated. I don't know if other on-line configuration screens in your Telstra Account dependently work all the time - suggest you call Telstra so that they do it manually at their end and then you can test it out with them when you are talking to the Agent.  

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